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In the past eighteen months I have been hit a real curve ball. After a series of TIAs I was diagnosed with a left carotid artery aneurysm which was eventually stented in November 2010.

My Bowen Therapist started treating me soon after I was diagnosed with the aneurysm and, after a couple of weeks, the progressive growth of the aneurysm came to a standstill and my blackouts started to decrease.

Bowen saved my life as I waited for a stent to become available for my surgery. During this process I suffered other complications resulting in leg spasms, severe numbness and a feeling similar to walking on glass. This was originally diagnosed as restless leg syndrome. Walking was agony – suicide is painless. My condition worsened until eventually it was diagnosed as Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP).

Regular Bowen Therapy by Helen has lessened my symptoms and enabled me to at least live a life and finally have a degree of dignity.